Are you a crazed Julian-shipper?
Do you have trouble staying on one ship?
Do you think Dalton's resident celebrity could be paired with almost ANYONE from the story?
Well, here's your chance to have a little fun.
Julian Larson's life is now being directed, like one of his movies. Only now YOU are behind the camera, while I play the writer and executive producer.
YOU direct the action towards whichever character you feel is most suited for Julian. Or just shake things up and send him in a completely cracked out and different direction altogether!
Happy shipping ~


Day One: Straight Men

12:25 pm, Derek’s apartment

“Derek,” Julian whined, emerging from the room to find his friend lounging on the couch with the TV on. “Are these pants too tight? I can’t decide if my ass looks really good, or like an elephant’s…” The actor pranced in front of the screen, shaking his hips slightly to get Derek’s attention.

“You look good, Jules. Now go on your date and leave me to my television,” the athlete answered, rolling his eyes, a bit red in the face.

“You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d guess that you’re actually attracted to me,” Julian smirked, still moving his hips to the music that only he could hear.

Derek pursed his lips. “And if I am?” he asked, keeping his gaze locked on the TV.

The actor’s jaw dropped. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

“So what if I’m attracted to you? Everyone else in America is too.”

“But you’re straighter than a ruler, Der…At least, I thought you were.”

“Oh please,” Derek snorted. “I’m certain of my sexuality. I’m straight. Doesn’t mean I can’t admire your more feminine charms,” he teased his friend, finally glancing up at him.

“Feminine charms…like my ass?” Julian grinned, dancing towards him, sticking said body part out at the other man as he bounced towards him.

Derek playfully smacked it and shoved Julian away from him. “Yeah. Now get out of here. Don’t you have places to be?”

“But I’m having fun with you,” Julian pouted, settling down on the couch next to him and wrapping an arm around his friend’s neck. “What other feminine charms do I have, Der Bear?” he whispered in the man’s ear.

Derek shivered. “Gah, don’t do that!”

He smirked. “Why, does that turn you on?”

“In most cases, yes. But you’re a dude!”

Julian laughed. “If you close your eyes, I could be anyone…”

Derek’s eyelids fluttered involuntarily as Julian’s hot breath hit his ear again. “Please stop, Jules…” he begged quietly.

“Sorry,” Julian whispered, his lips brushing against Derek’s ear, all too pleased with himself and how easily he’d thrown the playboy off his game.

“Fuck-” Derek hissed, shoving Julian away from him. “Okay, fun’s over. You need to leave. Now.”

Julian’s low chuckle sent another tingle down the athlete’s spine. “Alright, alright. I know when I’m not…wanted,” the actor smirked, his eyes dipping down to Derek’s lap. As his friend glared at him, he dipped down and pressed a chaste kiss to the other man’s lips. “Bye, sweetheart,” he winked, racing out the door before Derek could throttle him.

Derek slumped back against the couch, his hand covering his mouth. “What the fuck?” he asked himself, shifting uncomfortably in his pants. His hand drifted down, starting to palm himself gently through the jeans, but he jerked his arm away almost immediately, as if he’d been shocked.

“Bad Derek. Cold shower, cold shower…” he muttered to himself as he rose and headed for the bathroom.




Now that we’ve thoroughly messed with Derek…

Pick a letter!

A, B, or C?

Choose wisely!

A, B, or C?

  1. redweddingcrashers answered: C
  2. dorkseigerson answered: ………. B.
  3. fuzzgoesboom answered: when in doubt…I choose B. ;)
  4. fbgmjenna answered: B
  5. kicho-fiore answered: C because I’m in a Jameron mood!
  6. sailornaptune answered: ….. C
  7. banterandvibe answered: B
  8. aurbey answered: b
  9. jeussomr answered: BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!1
  10. blackflagsticker answered: C!
  11. rhymeswithtessa answered: B
  12. something--next-to-normal answered: a
  13. ashabadash answered: B!!
  14. ladyeyrie answered: C!
  15. agentremnant answered: C
  16. holiestfire answered: B
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