Are you a crazed Julian-shipper?
Do you have trouble staying on one ship?
Do you think Dalton's resident celebrity could be paired with almost ANYONE from the story?
Well, here's your chance to have a little fun.
Julian Larson's life is now being directed, like one of his movies. Only now YOU are behind the camera, while I play the writer and executive producer.
YOU direct the action towards whichever character you feel is most suited for Julian. Or just shake things up and send him in a completely cracked out and different direction altogether!
Happy shipping ~


Day One: Fashionable Men

11:43 am, outside Derek’s apartment

“Derek!” Julian yelled, pounding at the door to his apartment. “Let me in!”

“You have a key, dumb ass!” Derek shouted back, before sighing and going to open the door. “What do you want?”

Julian immediately spilled his guts out about the whole surreal day: the twins’ rescue and offer, coming out to Logan, his date with Cameron, Kurt’s kiss, and now…being here. “I need to change for my date-”

“You’re seriously going to go out with Pike tonight? After all this? Julian…” the athlete sounded reluctant.

The actor brushed him aside, heading for the spare room where the closet was kept full of his clothes. “Help me choose?” he asked, tugging off his shirt and shuffling through the many shirts he had stored there. Derek sighed and followed him, sitting on the bed, shaking his head at nearly every choice Julian tried to make.

“No, not that color- Wrong style- Absolutely not- You’re going to be in front of the paparazzi tonight, Jules, not at a strip club-” His next comment was cut off when Julian flung a pair of heavily ripped up jeans at him.

“Fuck it! You dress me then. Pick something out,” he said furiously. Derek stood silently and pushed Julian aside, snatching his hand back when it touched the actor’s bare chest. The dramatic brunette flopped down on the bed with a frustrated cry staring up at the ceiling.

Derek took a few moments to muse over the actor’s clothes before picking out a few pieces and holding them against each other. “Where’s he taking you?”

“I don’t know,” Julian said huffily.

“That doesn’t help,” Derek growled at him. “Stand up, diva.” Julian sullenly slid off the bed, rolling his eyes as Derek held up a shirt to his body. “This one. With these pants, and this jacket.”

The actor rolled his eyes. “A rose shirt? Really?” he scoffed.

Derek shrugged. “You look good in pink. Deal with it. Not many guys can pull it off.” He averted his eyes from his friend as the actor shrugged off his pants and pulled on the black ones the athlete had picked out.

“Kind of a tight fit, isn’t it?” Julian asked him, turning around to check out his ass in the nearby mirror. “Might have to go commando for these.”

“Oh god,” Derek’s face turned a deep shade of red. “I’m going to watch TV while you strip down.”

“You love me, DerBear,” Julian teased him. “Thank you for dressing me. I always knew those years of playing Barbies with Amanda would come in handy.”

Derek snorted and turned away, heading out of the room.



Want to have a little fun?

Should Julian keep pushing Derek’s obviously flustered buttons to find out what’s going on? (option 1)

Or leave extremely early to meet with his date? (option 2)

Make a choice!

1 or 2?

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